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Wall of Thanks

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This VIP4Life took what I taught him, and very quickly made more money trading than I have ever seen someone make in a short period of time.  And one of the nicest people I know.

tradnup testimony.png

Another successful VIP4Life that took what I taught him, and executed it - perfectly.  And that was with only ONE of the types of trades I do - not any of the others he also knows how to do.  Also a truly good guy - and completely hilarious.

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Kind words from a FREE Member!

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More kind words from another FREE Member!

I am specifying that it's from a FREE Member b/c I want you to understand how much value there is for zero cost.


An OG VIP. And no, going from $1600 to $4000 in 16 days is not normal for my ideas.  But they do happen.


Another OG VIP that also is the BEST SPAC and >$5 stock trader I have seen.  In 30 years.  And his first rule of trading?  Protect Capital.  What is especially special to me is that this is not a man that gives out compliments.  I am honored. 

Honestly, and not in a "bragging way" I receive via dm at least twice per week, a person sharing with me that what they have learned has changed their life - I just forget to screenshot most of them.

This is not just about making profits; honestly if you don't consistently, you're just gambling.

This is also about people taking back control over the single most important and powerful material asset they have after their home: their investments or retirement.  

My VIPs get it.  They understand how it can be hard sometimes.  But none of them are on this journey alone - I am there and so is our community on Discord. 

Yes, it IS that special.  And yes, I hear that at least once per week also.

I will leave you with this, as it is tied for the single most important reason why I am doing this: IF I can teach you how to trade profitably, consistently, with a low risk of capital and superior returns, no matter what happens, you will be able to make money.


If I can do that, then I affect you, your kids, and your kids' kids.  Three generations.  There is not much more in life more SPECIAL than that.  Using my knowledge and experience to help you break free of all the garbage that is out and take back control over your money.  

Finally, some of the students I am most proud of are the ones that came to me having never really traded before - other than the futile WSB picks etc.  And now?  They just make money.

Last thing I promise: Wouldn't it be a beautiful thing if enough people learned and could take back what Wall Street, DC and some Companies have taken from them?  It would change things.  Never set the goal low.


And no none of the above is guaranteed - don't be an idiot.

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