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  • Are you tired of losing money in this RIGGED market?? 

  • Have you lost money following a so called "Guru"?? 

  • Do you want the learn how to Pros do it?  

Foundation Lessons

  1. The Foundations I built my 30 year business on. (FREE)

  2. #1 Mistake Investors Make

  3. Trading vs. Investing (FREE)

  4. What is the best asset to invest in.

  5. Which is better: Fundamental or Technical analysis?

  6. Mutual Funds are a SCAM. (FREE)

  7. How to build a portfolio.

  8. Basic Position Sizing

  9. Basic Chart Indicators

  10. Basic Candlesticks

  11. Option Basics (FREE)

  12. Choosing and Investment Advisor

VIP Lessons

  1. So you want to be a trader(FREE)

  2. Trading vs. Scalping. 

  3. Psychology & Discipline

  4. ES vs MES vs MicroES vs YM vs NQ

  5. Advanced Chart Indicators

  6. Computing Support and Resistance Levels that work

  7. Computing Risk to Reward and using for Scalping

  8. Advanced Candlesticks

  9. What timeframe to use and when

  10. Best Trade Set-ups

  11. Mr.NotAdvice Trade Rules

  12. Advanced Options Selection

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