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My ENVX predictions. . . . .

This was a Twitter post:

#ENVXpredictions at the end.

People debate that the stock should be much higher - bc of all the recent news: ie most things happening at least 1 month early, financing. etc.

No it shouldn't.

#ENVX right now is ripe w/ potential. And things are going its way.

However, for me, they still must show: 1. Sizable production capability / ability to scale quickly & 2. Name a BLUE CHIP customer (I think #2 happens Dec 2024 and #1 by Jul 2024)

W/out those two things, at the end of the day, they are just another company with great potential tech. And that's worth what stock price? $.01 to $25 - its impossible to accurately convert potential to a share price.

I also think there will be at least 2 (best case) and 10 (the mean) months more of the stock being volatile.

And I think by Jul 2024:

1. Raj and his crew will be on CNBC for an extended conversation.

2. There WILL be a "hiccup" - bad news out of nowhere - I am thinking a short delay of something, whatever it is - and it will send the share price down.

3. Big money comes into the stock (ETF's, funds, private money managers) and brings stability AND substantial buy pressure AND possible defense against misinformation, etc.

Until then, I won't be concerned with any drop in the share price, down to $5. Seriously.

Finally, I see #ENVX at $80-$90 Jul 2024. Why? I guess it's a gut feel based on 30 years as professional. There's your 6x


Finally, some caveats. If the market is say, 10% lower than it is today or if a Black Swan occurs, my timeline would be delayed. Sorry for the length. If you read this far, I would love to hear your responses. Don't be an ass. This isn't #AMC.

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