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Tuesdays Plan

The Debt Deal is trash. It effectively "trades" %40 billion in savings for $4 trillion in new debt. Worse, it removes spending caps for the next 2 years.


I highly doubt this thing gets passed. GOP members are either quiet or outraged. Dems are pissed too bc of the work requirements. So, I expect Volatility.


I plan to close my SPY calls Tuesday at the open because I believe I will get a lower price to reload.


AAPL - I believe they have a big VR announcement on Tuesday. The spec/hardware list was leaked online and it looks like its a $4000 - $5000 VR device. IF AAPL is not up premarket on Tuesday, I will be buying some calls. But not because of the VR device. Because AAPL could be the next stock that traders flood into for the AI hype wave. Aggressive but as always with these, I will position small.


I am finishing up research on Quantum Computing stocks which you know I believe will become the "next big thing."

Companies I am looking at:

  1. IONQ

  2. QBTS

  3. IBM

The first two are high risk, IBM is not. I should have something by Wednesday on what I am going to do including timing, entry, target and stop. These will be LEAPS most likely out to Jan 2024 at least, maybe longer.

Let me know if there are any stocks you would like me to look at.

I will also be moving my Trade Lessons off of Reddit and onto my site. Free Members will have access of course.

Have a great day - I am taking a break from the screen today and spending some well deserved time with my children.


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