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I am building a Community of Traders

I am teaching people how to trade, how to invest, how to consistently profit no matter the market conditions. I use the same methods that I used with clients relying upon my experiences as a professional to guide and teach so that you can gain knowledge and confidence.  


I spent 30 years working on Wall Street.  I know the tricks the industry uses to take your money.  From regulations to marketing, the industry is structured to mislead and misdirect. It does not have your best interests in mind. 

I do.

  • I am not interested in delivering "trade signals" or hype. I will not help anyone who does not follow my rules.  I could care less for followers or for views.  

  • I want to CHANGE lives by helping people learn and perfect risk management, analysis, and trading.  And I charge nothing for basic lessons.  Yes.  FREE.

  • I post my own trade ideas so that others can see in real time under real market conditions with real money how the entire investment cycle works.

  • My site is for INFORMATIONAL purposes only.  I do not encourage anyone to do what I do.  It is hard work, it takes knowledge and experience.  

  • But if you want to learn a different way then you have found the right place.  If you are looking for something else, move along.

What I offer:


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I'm learning more about investments and the markets than ever before.

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