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Welcome to the home of Mr.NotAdvice


I am building a Community of Traders

I teach people how to trade, how to invest, how to consistently profit no matter the market conditions. I use the methods that I used as a professional relying upon my 30 years of experiences to guide and teach so that you gain knowledge and confidence.  


I know the tricks the industry uses to take your money.  From regulations to marketing, the industry is structured to mislead and misdirect. It does not have your best interests in mind. 

I do.

  • I CHANGE lives by helping people learn and perfect risk management, analysis, and trading. 

  • I charge nothing for bi-weekly basic lessons.  Yes.  FREE.

  • I post my own trade ideas so that others can see in real time under real market conditions with real money.

  • My site is for INFORMATIONAL purposes only.  I do not encourage anyone to do what I do.  It is hard work, it takes knowledge and experience.  

  • I do not deliver "trade signals"

  • I will not help anyone who does not follow my rules.

  • I do not care about gaining followers or views.

  • I use statistical probability and charting.

  • I trade options with short term momentum trades.

  • I use my 85,000 hours of experience.

  • I conduct live sessions and one on ones.

I want to learn about

I want to help everyone - regardless if they are a paid member or not.  That's why I provide so much FREE information!

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New Member Orientation Video

Before joining as a FREE Member, watch the above video to see what the MrNotAdvice community is all about.

Don't take my word, see what actual Members are saying:

final jake

Every day, you can find me either in our Live Chat or on Twitter/X.

As news develops throughout the day, I comment on those items that I think are important or that directly affect a trade I am in on Twitter.

I also post trade ideas, when Newsletters or Blog posts are dropped as well as Live Session links.

If you want to stay up to date on what the Members and I are up to, follow me here:

MrNotAdvice on Twitter

Also, I am active every morning until 2pm NYC time in our Discord Chat.  It's free (for now) and is made up of fantastic traders who want to learn and make money.

Go here to join: MrNotAdvice Discord

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