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Trade Ideas FAQ


  • On average, every week there will be between 2 - 3 trade ideas.

  • Most of the trade ideas are what I call "Core Trades."

    • Core Trades are longer term, moderate risk ideas.​

    • I typically allocate 8-10% of my total portfolio to Core Trades.

  • "Lottery Trades" are high risk ideas.​

    • Lottery Trades are never more than 2-4% of my portfolio.​

  • "Earnings Plays" are exactly what they sound like and are special situation trades.

  • "Daytrades" are when I believe the conditions are high probability to daytrade an individual stock or index.

Whenever I post a trade idea, whether they are a Core Trade or a Lottery Trade, I will always discuss the following information so you may follow along and learn.​

  • Thesis - why I am taking this trade, why do I believe there is an opportunity to profit.​

  • Symbol - the stock or ETF symbol

  • Current Price - what the current price of the stock or ETF is, the "underlying."

  • Stop Price - at what price will I stop out or take a loss.

  • Target Price - the price of the underlying that I believe price can move to.

  • Chart - A daily chart showing current price, stop price and entry price.

  • Option - the actual option contract I am using with underlying name, expiration date, strike price and theoretical value. and timeframe I believe it will take to move to the target price.

  • R Value - the amount of expected return vs. the possible loss

  • Theoretical Projections - Using IV and other data, what the possible option value will be in the future as well as what the possible stock price will be.

  • I almost always use options although the way I trade, I could just as easily use the stock or ETF itself.​



  • VIPs receive Core Trades in REAL TIME via Discord

  • Traders receive Core Trades in REAL TIME via Discord

  • Members receive Core Trades with a 24 hour delay via Discord

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